Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ear Warmer

I have had several people ask if I have any crochet ear warmers. Well I do and this is it. I make it with both a bow (which is adjustable on the band) or a flower (that is stationary).
If you would like the flower to be placed on a clip so you can remove or move it around it will be an extra $1.
This is not a complete circle it has two small buttons in the back so the band can be shortened if needed.

Pictures taken by my talented 6 year old, love him!! 

Flower on clip extra $1

Normally my wonderful husband takes my photos wearing my creation but he was not around today so I asked my super talented 6 year old to take my picture. I think he did a fantastic job! Once he was done he asked if I would take his picture and tell everyone what a great job he did. So here you go buddy I am super proud of you and your willingness to always help me out. You are the son every mom dreams and prays for.

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