Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pure Joy

I had another happy costumer today. I can't express how happy it makes me. Every time I make something I wonder and hope that the costumer will love the creation that I have made them as much as I do. Every item I make is a part of me and it would break my heart if someone was  not happy. There is no situation that I would want a costumer to be unhappy with what they ordered. I have yet to have a costumer that is not happy. 
Please know that I work hard to make you happy.
So check out what I have and fill free to ask questions.
I'm positive you will love what you get!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Button Slippers

Now that it's winter the tile and wood floors 
are a little cold for your bare feet.
 Well these cute button slippers are the solution   
 They have a double layer bottom so it makes it more comfortable and keeps your feet warm.
But the best thing is, it can be made in any two colors.

I hope you like them.

 Teal and Black

 Dark Purple and Light Purple

Light Purple and Gray

Royal Blue and Kelly Green

White and Light Pink

Plum Purple and Gray

Teen - Adult .... $20

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pink cuteness

 This cute hat is a basic pattern that I added a cute boarder to to give it more of a girly look. 
Then added a flower on the side. It's simple but goes with any outfit.

Remember it can be made in any color. 

Hat Prices:
Newborn-12 month .... $10 
Child .... $12
Teen-Adult .... $15 

Two layer flower .... $6

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crochet Bracelet

Do you recognize this same pattern well I've all ready showed you this. It's the same exact pattern as the headband. I just made it with two colors and much shorter. It has the same ties as well. 

You my be thinking to yourself "this women has gone over board.... Crochet Bracelet, can that even be cute?" Well let me tell you Yes, Yes they are cute! My little girl thinks it's the best too. I won't lie I have even worn them and while wearing it I have been given several nice compliment on how cute they are. You could even have a small flower attached to the bracelet to give it a little more pizzazz if you would like. 

I just love this bracelet for a little girl. She can't break it and it's soft against her skin. Another bonus is it's adjustable so it grows with her.  

You can have it made in two colors or just one.

 Two colors up close

One color

Two colors .... $6 
One color .... $4

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Football Beanie

I made this cute football beanie for a baby who has a daddy that is addicted to the game.
It can be made in any size.

Your husband and son could be wearing matching beanies while watching there favorite team playing.

Or on a new baby with his dads favorite football jersey on for pictures. What a super cute idea... Right  

This one had the added ear flaps to keep the ear warm and covered.

Newborn - 12 month .... $10 
Child .... $12
Teen- Adult .... $15

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Burr is COLD

Wow it's starting to get cold out there. I know in some parts of the country it has all ready started to snow. So are you ready with all your winter gear: hats, gloves, scarfs and new house slippers? If not that's OK. It's never to late to go out and find some. 
Though do you have a hard time finding what you want in a store. I know when ever I find something I like they are either out of the color I want or size I need. I don't know about you but I hate that. Well don't get upset because I have the solution for you. Just browse through all my stuff and find a pattern you like. Than all you have to do it decided what color or colors you want it made in. Next all you have to do is contact me and I will start making it for you. Simple right. You get what you want in the right color and size. Seems like a win win to me. 
Happy Shopping   :)

Pom Pom for Boys

Yes these cute little pom poms on hats can be for boys too. After I was done making the cute black, white and pink one for my daughter my boy asked for one that he could wear ("with no pink mom", is what he told me). I went to work and this is what I came up with... cute right. Let me tell you this hat was a success. He thinks it's great.

This hat would be even cute in one color with two huge pom poms on each side.

New Born - 12 months .... $12
Childs .... $15
Teen-Adult .... $18

Candy Cane Hat

The other day I was out for a run with the family and I noticed several houses with Christmas decorations out. We always wait till the day after Thanksgiving to decorate but we shop all year long for great deals for presents. SO I decided to post this adorable hat for all you early shoppers. 

I really love this hat! This hat and the dress that my little girl is 
getting for Christmas is just going to be darling. 

Though I can just imagine this hat on a new born with a cute red diaper cover and it make me smile. 
Can you imagine it too?

As always this hat can be made in many different color combs I just chose to make it in red and white for Christmas. Pink and purple for Valentines would be super cute too, but that's just another cute idea.  



This hat had  lot of work that went into to it so the price is going to be higher than normal.

Newborn - 12 months .... $12
18 months- 4 years .... $14 
Anything bigger .... $16

This hat is no longer available I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

News Boy Hat

I love these hats!! Specially on this cute model of mine.

These cute hats are not just for irresistible 
boy and girls, they're also cute on our husbands and ourselves.

You can also Jazz up this cute simple hat with a flower or butterfly. 

 I just love this picture!!!

 Here is an example of having a flower on the side to add a little extra accessory to the outfit.  

 You can also put two smaller flowers on one side as well.

 Hat Prices:
Newborn-12months .... $12
Childrens .... $15 
Teen - Adult .... $18

Need a color idea? Well I've all ready made this hat for other people in Brown, Black and White. All three look super cute. I am going to be making one in purple for a little girl too. Post that picture later.

Friday, November 11, 2011


My little girl is finally at that stage where she likes me putting flowers in her hair. She will also leave them in (yay). 

This is one style of flower that I have. 
This flower not only can be made in two different colors but just one if that's what you would like.

Don't forget these cute flowers can be made in many different colors. 

 Gray and burgundy

 Yellow with multi colored petals

White and baby pink

Two colors .... $8 $6
One color .... $5 $4


I love headbands specially for my little girl. 
They're super cute and they keep her hair out of her face.
You can wear them alone or with a flower or butterfly. 
So many options.

The colors that are pictured are white, 
black, deep purple, brown and light pink.

This headband is to be tied in a bow 
in the back with the extra chain on each side.

The brown and pink was with a smaller needle that
is why they are smaller.

Any size .... $8 $6.00

Knot Stitch Hat

 This is a cute hat. I love the yarn I used as well. With this pattern its has many large holes. It would look good just on it's own or wear it on top of another hat with a brim. 

This type of pattern would be really hard to make for a child smaller that a year.

 Front view

 Side view

Top view

 Same hat on a brimmed beanie 

Child-Teen-Adult .... $18

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Granny Squares Hat

This next hat is made out of "Granny Squares" that's way I called it the granny square hat. It looks super cute.
 I only used four  squares for the sides and then one square for the top. This hat that you see on my daughter can not only fit her but fits me as well. I will only have one size for this hat. 

This hat is more of a stylish hat than to keep your head warm.

The very same hat on my daughter fit me see :)

The Granny Square has a flower pattern in it (if you couldn't tell)

One size fits most .... $18