Saturday, November 12, 2011

News Boy Hat

I love these hats!! Specially on this cute model of mine.

These cute hats are not just for irresistible 
boy and girls, they're also cute on our husbands and ourselves.

You can also Jazz up this cute simple hat with a flower or butterfly. 

 I just love this picture!!!

 Here is an example of having a flower on the side to add a little extra accessory to the outfit.  

 You can also put two smaller flowers on one side as well.

 Hat Prices:
Newborn-12months .... $12
Childrens .... $15 
Teen - Adult .... $18

Need a color idea? Well I've all ready made this hat for other people in Brown, Black and White. All three look super cute. I am going to be making one in purple for a little girl too. Post that picture later.

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