Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crochet Bracelet

Do you recognize this same pattern well I've all ready showed you this. It's the same exact pattern as the headband. I just made it with two colors and much shorter. It has the same ties as well. 

You my be thinking to yourself "this women has gone over board.... Crochet Bracelet, can that even be cute?" Well let me tell you Yes, Yes they are cute! My little girl thinks it's the best too. I won't lie I have even worn them and while wearing it I have been given several nice compliment on how cute they are. You could even have a small flower attached to the bracelet to give it a little more pizzazz if you would like. 

I just love this bracelet for a little girl. She can't break it and it's soft against her skin. Another bonus is it's adjustable so it grows with her.  

You can have it made in two colors or just one.

 Two colors up close

One color

Two colors .... $6 
One color .... $4

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